Transform Communities
a Home at a Time

Every Family Deserves
a Safe Place to Live

More than 800 million people today are living in slums and inadequate housing, with enough to simply make it day to day. For families in Haiti, Bolivia, and El Salvador, living without a home means living with unsanitary water, dirt floors, frequent disease, and exposure to devastating weather conditions.

A New Home Can
Change the Future

Having a secure place to live changes everything. A safe home opens the door to a world of health, education, and income opportunities. Right now families are living in survival mode, but with your support, we can help offer them a future that's built to last.

Here's How it Works

eXp Realty and New Story are working together to transform slums in Haiti, Bolivia, and El Salvador into thriving communities.


First, we partner with local workers and source local materials, so that when you make an investment in a home, you can trust that you’re investing in the local economy too.


Your 100% tax-deductible donation is sent directly toward the construction of a home. You send a donation, and once $6,000 is raised, every penny is spent on building a family’s new space.


When the family moves in, we all get to celebrate; We’ll send you a video of the exact family you funded, so that you can see the results of your life-changing donation for yourself.

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