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January 7, 2015

NGHS is a "track" school, so basically if your student scores well and is an academic "over-achiever", they will do succeed. After meeting with admistrative staff, counselors & teachers it confirmed the overall lack of interest and concern they have in working with students that struggle to keep up. We have recently changed schools & hopes of getting a quality education and teachers that genuinely care about students rather than test scores.

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January 6, 2015

If your child came out of the womb with brains like Einstein they will excel at NGHS! However, if your child is a typical B/C student or, has any kind of challenges relative to test taking, organizational skills, fear of asking questions...anything - I guarantee they will be left behind. Sadly for this school and, others it is all about the funding & reputation based on # of gifted/AP students. They honestly don't care - and, are beyond dismissive. If I only knew back when we selected a home, what I now know I would of selected a home in the Lanier district. Other challenges include but, are not limited to grades taking weeks to post with no recourse for errors, teachers proudly declare they fail students, communication to parents is non-existent as their mantra is "kids have to be independent" since they are preparing them supposedly for the real world! Administration is run by the teachers - teachers do what they want with no consistency of rules across the the point that many will purposely give a child a 69,79 or 89 to keep them from achieving the next level just to show they are in control. Who wins - having a child lose their HOPE due to 1 pt. is inexcusable!

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September 27, 2014

This school is excellent for your child if they are in gifted education. If not, go somewhere else. My oldest child, who was in gifted, got an excellent education. She had an occasional "bad teacher". But, for the most part, it was great for her. My middle child has had a terrible experience with teachers that do not want to teach and kids that don't want to pay attention. My youngest is a freshman and so far likes it ok. Sports, which my middle child excels in, are so political that they are unfortunately a joke. I would highly recommend this school ONLY for kids pursuing an accelerated academic program.

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July 1, 2014

Honestly the worst school ever. All they want to do is ruin your future and take away your freedom. Sorry if you attend here.

March 6, 2014

North Gwinnett Middle School interrogates your child without your presence when you request that they address your concern! BEWARE! When you request to be informed of your child's well being, they act with the opposition. Very poorly supervised student body. "Favorite students" are allowed to act without supervision against "unfavorite students". The front office buzzes all about religious bias. North Gwinnett Middle School does not respond to student/ parent requests for investigation of other students spreading malicious rumors against their child. They allow the students to interfere with other students personal property. They ignore parent e-mails of concern for their child's well being. NGMS Student Services Upper Staff does not consider the truth and allows their own biased assumptions to determine what the truth is. They do not partner in any way with a concerned parent. We would NEVER recommend this school to any parents. Do research, you can do better. Thanks for reading, you'll be glad you did. Keep looking. They will most definitely retaliate..They will find any means to have a student dishonestly suspended.

January 2, 2014

best school in the state, hands down. The people here care so much they go the extra mile each and every day to ensure the success of the students. there is no place like North Gwinnett, Im blessed to attend such a great school.

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December 4, 2013

This is probably one of the best schools I have ever attended. Moving from New York, I attended one of the best schools in the nation. But I can proudly say that North Gwinnett is a top class high school and totally deserves a 10/10 rating. There are so many leadership opportunities for the students, and the new building and media center is very nice. The arts and athletic programs here are top notch, and I have never been so excited to go to the football games every Friday night. Most of the students are very prideful of the fact that they attend North Gwinnett. Most of the teachers are excellent, and they really care about the students. Everyone has a chance to succeed here at North, and there are so many opportunities, like endless. I am so happy I attend this school, and I would want to send my kids here in the future if possible! Go North!

June 13, 2013

North Gwinnett exceeds in extra-curricular activities, academics, and athletics just like any other big school. The school is definitely on the more competitive side, and the CP classes here are like honors classes at most other Georgia public high schools. The school is also very involved in the Suwanee community. However, the school has a problem with the students from an affluent background. There's a lot of stuck up rich kids here.

December 8, 2010

North Gwinnett is one of the top schools in the nation. all around it has great academics and athletics. the football has quickly become a power house in not only the state but the nation, beating 2 other nationally ranked teams from out of state. Last school year alone it won 2 state championships, in girls soccer and girls cross country. Its other athletics are also growing with the addition of lacrosse this year. But at North Gwinnett, they like to focus on academics more than anything and it shows in our test scores. Teachers and staff at North Gwinnett are part of the reason it is such a great place. They are never afraid to challenge students and they teach above the aks standard. if you just look at the our schools motto, all students can be leaders its easy to tell that there are plenty of opportunity for leadership. many programs like student council, North Gwinnett student leadership team and student athlete leadership team are just a few examples of opportunity students have to learn to be better leaders. All this is why we rank in the top 200 schools in the nation.

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October 3, 2009

North Gwinnett has one of the best Academic programs in the county, ranking number 1 in the county 2nd in the state for best school. North Gwinnett also has a great football team. Not only is football great, but the Choral department is amazing as well. North Gwinnett is known for bringing the most All-State participants in any public school in GA to All-State. North Gwinnett is also very involved with the community.

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September 28, 2009

I'm a brand new student to North & before was about 45 minutes away. The vibe at North is totally different & that's a very good thing. You don't have to be rich, I myself am not, or be 'cool' to fit in. I made friends very quickly and am not the most out there person. The classes are harder and the people are smarter, the football team is amazing and the kids generally care for each other. There's a bad apple every once in a while but that happens everywhere. North is awesome & can really look good on a college app ( :

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April 9, 2009

GO NORTH GWINNETT BULLDOGS!!! It wasn't until I found out that I was moving to another state that I realized North is not your average school. It really is great. Now I have done my research and I can't seem to find a school that compares. North is in a great location, it offers so many oppurtunities, and is just AWESOME! It's athletics are all excelling , ex. Football, Cross Country, Soccer. And as for acedemics...they rock. The teachers are willing to help you in any way to see you succeed. I've had some really amazing teachers that really get me stoked about learning...especially AP classes. The AP teachers are really great. I'm really sad to leave because I know when it's time to apply for college I know I'll stand out becuase North Gwinnett is a really great, competitive school. Don't hesitate...take it from a student's perspective.

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February 25, 2009

It's quite humorous to see all of the clamor about the crowded hallways. The bigger the population, the bigger the school, correct? Assuming that the class size is proportional to the size of the school, and that it's appropriate, a school of a mere 1,000 students will experience the same amount of crowded flow North does with 3,000. What do you expect during a 5 minute class change with students' schedules having them going cross-campus? Crowded hallways are only a bother because of the people in your way. Sorry, it isn't the SCHOOL'S fallacy. North, in itself, is a wonderful school. The gifted program is second to none, as it offers 21 child max class size, a rigorous AP curriculum, and fantastic gifted and AP certified teachers. The teachers truly are the most knowledgeable and phenomenal teachers I have ever experienced, combining personal student-for-student care and wise disciplines. A great school.

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January 7, 2009

My brother and I attend this school. Most teachers are actually fun, and asking questions and doing your work really pays off. The downsides to this school is that it holds sports to a very high level and uses a lot of our money on football, and even then the cost for the individual player is through the roof, as goes for other sports. The other thing is that I don't think our school is meant to have as many students as we have right now, which means full classes and crowded hallways.

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October 13, 2008

My brother and I attended North Gwinnett over a 7 year span. We were both involved in numerous programs (i.e. softball, baseball, Beta club, Drama club, etc.). We were a middle class family with associations within, above, and below our own socioeconomic status. If fact, the 'peace' between those groups was one of the great things I recall from my time there. Opportunities for students to be involved in school and their community seemed endless. Each specific program had various ways to raise funds to meet their needs. The teachers as a whole valued a strong education and pushed for students to get involved. Accountability is also stressed to the students and faculty. I'd love for my future children to attend North or a similar school

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