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February 14, 2015

Ravina has been a fantastic experience for our child. Teachers do a great job connecting with the kids as well as the parents. Communication is excellent between teachers and students, teachers and parents, as well as principal and parents. Students seem focused, energetic and disciplined. School spirit is quite strong as well. PTO is actively involved and strongly dedicated to providing additional programming and enhancements. Ravinia enjoys a strong sense of community and neighborhood pride. Student body is small enough that kids know one another even when they aren't in the same grade. So far we've had a wonderful experience as parents and our child is thriving in this excellent learning environment.

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September 11, 2013

Ravinia is an incredible school all around. Phenomenal teachers, updated school programming and resources, extraordinary music teacher (spectacular school wide performances), creative and engaging art teacher (projects are proudly displayed all over our house), super fun gym teachers, fantastic support staff and excellent leadership. The students and parents are friendly too. There is a nice mix of working parents and stay at home parents that share the load of parental responsibilities. Bullying is nipped in the bud and students learn respect from day 1. Children with special needs are mainstreamed well. They also have a volunteer "no tree nut/peanut" policy and do a good job of minimizing risk without singling out the food allergy kids. Two out of my 3 very high spirited boys attend there.The oldest is in 4th grade and has attended since Kindergarten. He has been participating in the advanced/gifted reading and math for the last few years and has done well. My second son is just starting Kindergarten. Recently, I was called in to a meeting to help him get off to the right start. A few adjustments and in one week he is doing great! No complaints at all. Thanks Ravinia School!

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March 26, 2010

Ravinia is a wonderful school. The principal is extremely accessible as are all of the staff. The parents are quite invovled and create a wide variety of extra programming for the school. The addition of a full time music teacher has been fabulous as well as the 5 days of gym. I am proud to be a Ravinia school Parent.

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September 16, 2009

All the Staff including the NSSED Staff in the School are Supper Teacher and other Staff this school Rocks

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December 21, 2005

Good programs. Have had a lot of turn over with principals.

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September 8, 2005

I think the principal is terrific.I think some of the teachers are incredible, however,on the whole,I believe there is great room for improvement.There also is also a need to upgrade the quality of the programs being taught to be more consistent with some of the other surrounding schools. Ravinia could be a great school with some changes made.Parents are fairly involved,although nothing really substantial ever takes place.sports are terrible,music is ok, and some of the extracurricular activities are decent but barely options barely change from year to year.

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